Wade Chandler Headshot Photographer
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  • Confident

    Getting an image that speaks to more than surface features, that captures personality and character, and shows confidence, ability, and appeal, is always my goal during any portrait or headshot session.
  • Friendly

    The studio is about the interaction that makes the creative process a collaborative and productive one, helping people look and feel good in front of the camera. Everyone deserves a great headshot!
  • Established

    I work with artists, actors, entrepreneurs, engineers, architects, as well as educational, financial, medical, and other professionals. I value each of my wonderful clients!

  • Wade Chandler is a painter turned headshot artist with a photography studio located in the Lacuna Artists Loft Building in Chicago. Wade loves to capture people looking and feeling their best because everyone deserves to have a headshot that illuminates their personality, character, and confidence. Using an interactive tethered process, he works with his clients to dial in the portrait process and level up their images. The goal is to create illuminating photos of individuals for their personal and professional branding. On-site or in his studio, you will work with a true professional.