Wade Chandler Headshot Photographer
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Wade Chandler, Artist/Photographer

Wade Chandler

Lacuna Artists Loft Building
2150 South Canalport Avenue
Chicago, IL  60608


I am a painter turned headshot artist and photographer who helps people to look and feel great in front of the camera.
I graduated from the University of West Florida with a Bachelor's Degree in Studio Arts. I then received my MFA in Painting from the University of South Florida. Soon after, I received a CORE Fellowship at the Glassell School of Art, Museum of Fire Arts, Houston. While there, I taught painting and drawing, and helped to create an art magazine, Art Lies, that hoped to foster a critical focus on the Texas art scene. I've learned so much from all these experiences and know that my studying painting was a great way to learn about composition, color, posing, light and shadow, mood, and, the power of images to tell a story and how to encapsulate and showcase an idea.
In 2014, I started taking classes in photography at the Chicago Photography Academy. They have a lot of great teachers and I found that I love being in a photography studio, taking portraits and headshots, as well as taking photos in natural light and on the street. Being in a photography studio is a very different thing for me than being in a painting studio. In many ways, when I had a painting studio, it was dedicated to finding the isolation necessary to foster the creative process. However, a photography studio is focused very differently, and is more edicated to those who come. Of course there are lights, backdrops, cameras, and the lenses necessary to get the photographs. But, more importantly for me, when dealing with studio portraits and headshots, the studio is about the interaction that makes the creative process a collaborative and productive one. Getting out of the studio is great too, and overcoming the challenges of on-location photography is what photographers routinely do. 
Being in front of a classroom is something I really enjoy and my teaching experience includes the Chicago Photography Academy (where I do workshops), Columbia College, the International Academy of Art and Design, the Glassell School of Art, and the University of South Florida.
My clients are often high achievers who want the best in their photography services. I work with artists, actors, entrepreneurs, engineers, architects, and educational, financial, medical, and other professionals. Some of my current and former clients include: Enrollment Specialist, Dunkin Donuts, Infrastructure Engineering, Summit Funding, the Advanced Health Institute, Rogers Park Business Alliance, the Chicago Engineers Foundation, Golden Square Marketing, Chicago Tenant Advisors, Elite Performance Chicago, Healthcare Solutions Team, and Ameriprise, among others. 
My background in image making, painting, photography, teaching, and working with all kinds of people means I have the experience necessary to ensure each photo session is a rewarding experience. You've got to love both people and images to excel in portraiture. Getting an image that speaks to more than surface features, that captures personality and character, and shows confidence, ability, and appeal is always my goal during any portrait or headshot session. It always takes invention to get there, and I love the interaction it takes to do so.and