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Post HSM

uast week at the Morongo Casino near Palm Springs, Califorinia.
Peter was on point and bringing the energy to get everyone exicited about doing better work for our clients and having fun wihile doing it.

Lights, camera, action, and, the Rumble rum were all part of the deal. Many multiple stations were set up so all you had to do was to get some one in front of your camera and you were good to go. I had so many great experiences and got to see some old friends and meet so many new ones. Truly and experience that I will remember and cherish for many years to come. I'll be posting some images here to give you a hint of what went on at the Monrogo Casino. Additionally, I had the opportunity to make an excuresion to Themal, California, and hang out a fantastic track where one of a kind cars can be found. 

If you want to know more about Headshot Mania, hit me up, and I'll be happy to answer any of your questions I can.