Wade Chandler Headshot Photographer
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  • Jonathan Pritchard, author of Think Like a Mind Reader
    "Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of working with Wade to update my headshot. He is a master at helping you understand exactly what to do in order to get the best shot possible even if you have no clue where to start. It’s a relaxed atmosphere, and it’s easy to have fun while you’re doing something that could otherwise be nerve-wracking. After the session it was difficult to pick which photos I liked the best, as there were so many spot-on choices that I would have been completely happy with; it’s a fantastic problem to have. His work is well worth the price, and I guarantee you’ll be happy with your experience, too!" – Jonathan Pritchard, author of Think Like a Mind Reader
  • Chandra Clark
    "So many people hate having their picture taken, convinced they’re not photogenic. If that’s you, Wade is the photographer to see! He creates a comfortable, fun environment, and helps you get a great image. Wade’s art background informs his creative vision, and he makes sure that you leave your session both looking and feeling great about the experience." – Chandra Clark